The ideal preparation for a tantra massage

This text was written by Christophe. Read more about him and the possible forms of therapy on his profile.

Tantra is a path of personal growth, spirituality, awareness and healing. Tantra massage is a holistic form of therapy through a combination of conversation (mind) and massage (body).

Each tantra massage is experienced in a unique way in a very individual process. There is no good or bad result from a session, everyone has their own personality and history and is on their own path. What seems trivial to one person can be a big step forward for another.

Over the years, however, in terms of preparation, step by step, I have been able to identify more patterns and similarities between people who had their energy awakened during a session. Below you will find a summary of these steps. This can be a useful tool for those who want to prepare themselves optimally.

Tantra massage holistic

None of the steps below is of course decisive or essential. Body, mind and soul are complex in that there are many factors that play a role in arriving at a profound session with energetic effects, which means that the course of a tantra massage can never be predicted. For example, 'simply' making the mental click to completely surrender yourself in the moment may be all it takes to have an intense experience.

It is important to emphasize that not complying with one of these steps is a reason not to opt for a tantra massage. On the contrary, see it as a working point that you can tackle before/during one or more sessions so that you can continue to grow in your path to more awareness and healing.

The ideal preparation for a tantra massage:

  1. Love yourself. Accept who you are in this very moment and where you are in your own process. Self-love and self-compassion are important for your path to greater awareness. So don't listen too much to that inner critic who is oh so often judgmental and can bring down your self-image. Feel free to allow yourself to feel like a God(dess)!
  2. Tantra massage yoga meditationContinuing with the previous step, try to be physically occupied with your body from that self-love. This can be done in very different ways, from sports (tip: yoga!) to masturbation. Be in connection with your own body, feel every body part and admire/cherish it.
  3. In addition to physical preparation, mental preparation is also useful. For example, mindfulness and meditation can be very powerful as you learn to quiet your mind faster by not responding to emerging thoughts. During the massage (which I often compare with a form of meditation) this will allow you to reach a state of peace and surrender more quickly from which energetic effects can occur.
  4. Try to avoid the use of medication and addictive substances (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol,…) as much as possible a week before the session in order to be as clear-minded as possible.
  5. Make sure you can arrive relatively relaxed. So try not to do anything stressful in the hours leading up to the massage. On the contrary, feel free to take a relaxing warm bath so that you get completely into zen mode. Then leave on time so that the traffic can't play tricks on you.
  6. It is important that you feel safe in the location where you are and the therapist you are with. During the introductory meeting, you should have an initial sense of trust. Since this is about a feeling, you can of course not influence this rationally (If this feeling is really not right, I even recommend ending the session early).
  7. Tantra massage trustThis trust will ensure that you can be open, can and dare to be vulnerable without being judged. Many people bottle up a lot because they can't always share their more profound feelings or events with friends and environment. In addition, make known any questions or concerns about the massage that are still floating around in your head. Let it all out, after all tantra is about letting go!
  8. Go to the toilet before the session because during the massage some pressure is regularly exerted on the region around the bladder.

Further guidelines and tips for during the massage itself are a topic for a next blog article (but you will always be sent in a document after booking an appointment).